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Vintners Place

Vintners Place is a landmark riverside building providing office accommodation and roof terrace facilities with extensive views of the River Thames & the City of London


We were approached by Greycoat Real Estate to create CGI content for their marketing campaign for this office re-furbishment on the River Thames.

Initially we were asked to create interior CGI's and were given space plans and mood boards to help us detail the interior.

We created a series of CGI's showing 'collaborative' working spaces based on the architects layouts.

Once we had sign off for the interior detail we then proceeded to create interior CGI content including still images and 360VR for inclusion in the clients website etc.

Anchor Vintners VR
headset graphic.png
headset graphic.png
headset graphic.png

We were asked to look at the designs for the roof terrace area.

For the best results we decided to capture high resolution photography from the existing roof level in order to utilise the amazing 360 degree views which the roof terrace would offer.

We stitched together all of the back plates captured during daylight/sunset/dusk times of day.

We created full 360 degree environments which allowed CGI production at any location around the model.

We were able to comp our CGI into the photography for use in still images, VR360 & animation sequences

We matched HDRi lighting rigs to the photography in order to colour match the CGI content and photography.

Anchor VR Exterior
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Visualisation & CGI for the future built environment - Design - Planning - Marketing

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