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Park View Place


Park View Place is a mixed-use development in Greenford, London and surrounds the site of the existing Kellogg Tower and lies adjacent to Grove Farm Park.

We were initially approached by Sheppard Robson Architects to produce some pre-planning CGI's to show their design intent which is landscape led and provides integrated public spaces for both residents and the local community.

Over a period of months we worked with SRA to produce various CGIs to help them develop the scheme with the planning authorities etc.


Our aim was to produce various CGI's at strategic points throughout the development which showed both the architectural aspects and the community garden spaces.

We worked closely with both Sheppard Robson and Townshend Landscape Architects to make sure we were able to convey the sloping parkland and connection to Grove Farm Park to the rear of the development. 


showing the landscaping as accurately as possible and using full CGI planting meant we could explore multiple viewing angles ..........

......... this was such an important aspect of the images as the soft landscape areas to the development boundary makes the scheme more inviting as a community space.


Following the pre-planning exercise we were approached by Interland to carry out work on producing Verified Planning images to supplement the full planning submission.

We worked with The Townscape Consultancy to agree the required Verified viewpoints and were also asked to produce the TVIA documentation in conjunction with them.

Strategic AVR Level 1 & 3 views were produced to show the schemes impact on the surrounding area.

Visualisation & CGI for the future built environment - Design - Planning - Marketing

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