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La Defence - Michelet Acacia

Michelet Acacia is an existing mixed use building which sits on the main esplanade in the La Défense district of Paris.


We were approached by our long standing client YM Architecture to create a series of CGI's for their design proposals for this office re-furbishment.

We were provided with a base Revit 3D model of the scheme which we enhanced with external and internal details.

We created 3D models of many of the surrounding existing and proposed buildings so we could create views from any vantage point without the need for photography.

We worked closely with YMA to create a contemporary material palette which reflected the intended concept of a light and spacious interior.

Most of the interior structure and external facades were retained but exposed in some areas to create new terraces and external balconies to office areas.


We created full 360 degree environments which allowed CGI production at any location around the model.

All content was produced in full 3D (incl people) so that we could be completely flexible in the creation of the views


The existing building spans a huge level change from one side of the building to the other and YMA created multi-level entrance spaces and mezzanines to open up the lower levels of the building.

Internal terraced collaboration areas and meeting rooms were incorporated to link the entrance lobby areas.

A main feature of the refurbishment scheme was the introduction of usable green roof terraces on new roof and existing roof areas.

Showing the roof terrace landscape and planting schemes were a must for the client.


Visualisation & CGI for the future built environment - Design - Planning - Marketing

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