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Aspen Ski Resort Hotel


We were approached by Lambert McGuire to work with them to develop their designs for the refurbishment of an existing ski resort hotel in Aspen, Colarado.

Initially we were asked to develop a typical hotel room design which would be used for informing a full mock up construction for sign off by the client before full refurbishment commenced.

We produced a fully detailed model with bespoke furniture and fittings which were specified by the designers.


Once initial images were produced the interior design then went through a series of iterations and we helped Lambert McGuire explore this after feedback from the end client.


We produced a number of various detailed CGi shots to help sell the designs to the end client and help the mock-up contractor understand the desired detailing.

Creating these vignettes also helped the designers add clarity to their presentation mood boards alongside their sample boards.


Once the original bedroom CGI's were signed off Lambert McGuire asked us to help them with other areas of the development.

We were asked to produce similar overall and detail shots for both the hotel lobby and bar/restaurant areas.


Detail and true to life texturing and lighting were key to making the end client comfortable with Lambert McGuire's bespoke design.


We always take the time to make sure that realism is at the forefront of our work and we spend the time refining details and textures.


Working in collaboration with our clients to show their design intent accurately results in quicker sign off and progression for the project.


Visualisation & CGI for the future built environment - Design - Planning - Marketing

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